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RULES of this forum Empty RULES of this forum

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 28, 2017 10:12 pm

1. Meet people in public places to exchange books, do not invite strangers home or go to their places without getting acquainted.
2. Post picture of the book with date of the post written on a paper next to the book.
3. Do not share phone numbers unless you find what you are looking and you need phone numbers for fixing the meeting.
4. Cyber space is vulnerable of bullying, harassment and frauds. So stay safe and report bad user experiences.
5. Abuse will not be tolerated at all.
6. Write feedback and reviews of other users.
7. It is seeker's responsibility to collect and return the books. Do not force the sharer to travel miles to deliver books.
8. Buying and selling is allowed with mutual agreement. Include the price of shipping in the post.


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